MEET — More Ecumenical Empowerment Together is a German–speaking young ecumenical network.

As christians from different church traditions we seek for ways of combining our common faith and political or social involvement. We are open for people and groups which gathered ecumenical experiences abroad and in their neighbourhood — or would like to join in. As a platform we try to share information on ecumenical topics and do joint activities.

Also MEET wants to take a critical look on church life from an ecumenical perspective and promote debate about the unity of the church and work for justice, peace and the integrity of creation. Therefore we see us as a part of the community around the World Council of Churches.

Through encounter we want to foster mutal learning specially spanning generations. Our foundation is the commonly lived faith through prayers and worship. Our yearly meetings are dedicated to the exchange about a relevant ecumenical topic and networking with each other.

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More Ecumenical Empowerment Together