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A Common Witness of Catholics and Protestants – The Challenge of 500 Years of Reformation

Tilburg School of Catholic Theology

Can Catholics and Protestants find a common voice? In a secular society, conflict among churches is a poor witness to the good news of reconciliation that they proclaim. Therefore, this is an urgent question.

This course brings together protestant and catholic views of the Reformation, provides insight into ecumenical attempts to overcome divisions among Catholics and Protestants, and offers perspectives for the road ahead. Is it possible to move from conflict to communion?

Experts in historical theology, ecumenical theology, and public theology teach this course together with representatives from local churches.

Taught in Utrecht, the historical centre of Christianity in the Netherlands, the course pays special attention to Dutch Catholic-Protestant relations, past and present. Excursions into the city of Utrecht enable participants to literally walk among witnesses to both conflict and communion among churches.

Themes and Topics:

Historical part
– The Reformation in Europe (1517 – 1648) (protestant and catholic perspective)
– The Reformation in the Low Countries (protestant and catholic perspective)

Promotors and Agents of ecumenical work and theology
– World Council of Churches
– Pontifical Council for Christian Unity
– Ecumenical infrastructure in the Netherlands

Ecumenical dialogue
– The Church, towards a common vision
– From conflict to Communion – Common Lutheran/catholic commemoration of the Reformation

Towards a common mission in secular society
– Evangelization
– Church in the public domain
– Interreligious dialogue

Excursions in the historical city of Utrecht will also be part of the course.