VEM Intercultural Summer School „Peace Work, Conflict management and Protection of human rights“ 🗓

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The United Evangelical Mission plans an international Summer School with participants from African, Asian and German members of the VEM, EKiR, EKvW, Justitia et Pax and other religious communities in order to foster a constructive conflict culture with a focus on mediation, the design of peace projects and their efficiency analysis and evaluation.

Furthermore it is intended to deepen the interlinkage of human rights approaches and peace work. The overall goal is the qualification and encouragement of participants to get involved actively in conflict prevention and conflict resolution additionally to the protection of victims of violence and human rights violations.

‎Conflict management and human rights experts will convey theoretical background knowledge and introduce concepts of peace/human rights work. Participants will analyze potential critical areas in their environment and design peace projects.

Part of the Summer School will be excursions to parishes in Cologne which are active in the interreligious dialogue and projects in order to get to know best practice examples of interreligious concepts.

The Summer School will offer an intense learning experience for the participants by imparting theoretical knowledge, practical methods and techniques and offering the chance to design peace projects for their own parish.

During the precedent interreligious conference participants will deal with the responsibility of religions for maintaining and creating peace promoting living conditions with regard to changes by globalization, religious radicalization as well as the increase of xenophobic and racist attitudes also in Germany and will analyze possible fault lines in their societies. The analysis offers a preparatory input for the following summer school which will convey constructive conflict resolution concepts and best-practice-examples.